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Original price was: ฿72,500.00.Current price is: ฿69,990.00.

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A thorough and no compromise approach has led us to the evolution of our very first tribrid IEM, the Valkyrie. The Valkyrie MKII is the latest in a distinguished bloodline of evolved, powerful and detailed IEMS. Equipped with a proprietary tribrid driver design and a reengineered 4-way synX crossover network the Valkyrie MKII showcases exhilarating highs from the electrostatic driver, lifelike vocals from the balanced armature and unrivaled bass response from our next gen W9+ subwoofer.

With a stunning design, extraordinary performance and advanced technology the Valkyrie MKII is crafted to deliver breathtaking listening sessions.


Technical Specifications

3 Proprietary Drivers, Tribrid Design

1 Next Generation W9+ Subwoofer – Sub-Bass/Bass

1 Proprietary Balanced Armature Driver – Mid

1 Premium Electrostatic Driver – High/Super-High

4-Way synX Crossover Network

EIVEC – Empire Intelligent Variable Electrostatic Control Technology

A.R.C. Resonance Mitigation Technology

Impedance: 3 Ohms @ 1kHz

Frequency Response: 5 Hz – 100kHz

Sensitivity: 100dB @ 1kHz, 1mW

Bespoke Alpha Hybrid IV UPOCC Copper& Silver Litz Cable


Valkyrie MKII In-Ear Monitor Explosion



At Empire Ears we believe that an extraordinary IEM requires an extraordinary cable. We’re proud to introduce Alpha Hybrid-IV (AH4); a premium handcrafted 4 core cable comprised of a proprietary 26AWG UPOCC Litz Copper and Silver with multi-size stranding. The advantage of multi-sized stranded design within the same encapsulations enables AH4 to achieve distinct highs and details due to the signal transmission speed in thinner cable strands, while the thicker size cable strands deliver smoother bass and mids.



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