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IE-6 Voice, rock, classical pop

Sound characteristics

IE-6 Sea, as the entry plug of Fearless electrostatic series, is a pair of popular vocal plugs that pay attention to the middle and low frequencies. The sound is very close to the ear, and the bass sound is full of surging feeling without losing accurate resolution, which can make you feel the surging atmosphere when you are in the scene. When you enjoy vocal extremely emotional. At the same time, due to the addition of static electricity units, the sound extensibility of high frequency band (sound extensibility frequency unit, 1 Knowles medium low refers to the gradual shaping of a colorful and charismatic voice on the sound of integrated into the emotional changes of the works, and the audience sounds flexible and has many changes) has also been improved. The high-pitched songs are soft and beautiful, not very sharp, and the human voice is close to the ear, and durable. Really experience the pure enjoyment of the original vocal cord.

Product parameters

Product model:IE-6

songs, you will feel that the voice is Sensitivity:114 dB SPL/mW Impedance:twenty-five ohms@1 KHz

Frequency response range:15 Hz-20 KHz

Drive unit:1 sonion composite low

frequency unit, 1 Knowles medium high frequency unit, 2 sonion electrostatic UHF course, so that the voice can be units

Technical parameters:4 moving iron+2

static four-frequency

Passive noise reduction:26dB



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