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Sound characteristics

ID12 Glacier’s earphones are comfortable and comfortable, and will not be boring. The low-frequency atmosphere is enough. The ID12 sounds like a warm stove in the cold winter. It sounds very warm. The bass is not stacked together, but orderly and not abrupt. The high-frequency sound is transparent and beautiful. The performance of the vocal track is also very full, soft and close to the ear, and the high-frequency silky and durable listening will not bring abrupt and sharp sense of hearing. The image is clear, the spatial details are rich, and the perception of instrumental music is very strong, so the performance in classical pure music is also very excellent!


Product parameters

Product model:ID-12

Sensitivity:116 dB SPL/mW

Impedance:fifteen ohms@1 KHZ Frequency response range:15 Hz-20 KHz Drive unit: 1 sonion composite ultra-low frequency unit, 1 sonion composite medium and low frequency unit, 2 Knowles

composite HF units, 4 Knowles UHF units Technical parameters:4 moving iron+2

Passive noise reduction:26dB

static four-frequency



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