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Sound characteristics

ID8 Splendid is a plug that pays more attention to musical sense. The eight-unit four-frequency configuration makes it have excellent performance in all frequency bands. The low-frequency volume sense is full and moderate. It does not deliberately increase the low-frequency in order to pursue the intensity of low-frequency. With our years of experience in tuning, each frequency band will not give you extra drop feeling, but it is still solid and powerful. The human voice is close to the ear, and the high-frequency musical sense is very natural. The details between the lines in the music line are incisively and vividly displayed. The medium and high frequency timbres will not be dry and cold, but will be more flamboyant. The unique sense of atmosphere and transparent and profound expression are integrated, and you can experience the pure musical sense brought by high resolution.

Frequency response curve

Product parameters

Product model:ID-8

Sensitivity:112 dB SPL/mW

Impedance:thirteen ohms@1 KHz

Frequency response range:15 Hz-20 KHz Drive unit: 1 sonion composite ultra-low frequency unit, 1 sonion composite medium and low frequency unit, 1 sonion composite medium and high frequency unit, 2 Knowles UHF units

Technical parameters:4 moving iron+2

Passive noise reduction:26dB

static four-frequency



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