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Female poison, popular voice

Sound characteristics

With our tuning, ID-6 Star is a female voice stopper with distinctive personality. This headset mainly focuses on the atmosphere of human voice, and the listening feeling is not thin and cold timbre. It is a very balanced, soft and moist female voice. There is no residual throat sound, and the harsh tooth sound is also overcome. The low-frequency Instead of using the method of increasing the intensity of low-frequency contrast, Frequency response range:15 Hz-20 KHz the sound is integrated, not to highlight a Drive unit: 1 sonion composite ultra-low certain frequency band in order to frequency unit, 1 sonion composite deliberately create a fault. In terms of medium low frequency unit, 1 Knowles vocal expression, the singer will not give medium high frequency unit, 2 Knowles you the feeling of pressing step by step, but will let you relax and listen to the Technical parameters:6-unit four stories in the music. The music details will be more abundant, and the vocal expression will also be beautiful. The exquisite appearance design will bring you pure audio-visual experience.

Frequency response curve

Product parameters

Product model: ID-6

strength is also mastered very well. Sensitivity:115 dB SPL/mW

Impedance:fifteen ohms@1 KHz

ultra-high frequency units

frequency four-channel Passive noise reduction:26dB



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