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Product parameters

Product model:IE-X

Sensitivity:112 dB SPL/mW

Drive unit: 1 self-developed 10mm dynamic coil, 2 sonion medium-high frequency units, 4 Knowles ultra-high frequency units, and electrostatic EST sonion one-driven four ultra-high frequency units

static four-frequency

Passive noise reduction:26db




Pop voice, light rock, R&B

Sound characteristics

The sound of IE-X Dream is mellow, warm and full of atmosphere. The listening sense of Dream is the same as its name, full of hazy and ethereal, and the sound level sense is full. For rock music, it is not to see the low-frequency multiple boomers of the headset, but to see the atmosphere of the mid-low frequency band is not in place, the low-frequency sound diving is appropriate, the human voice is close, and listening to R&B songs Impedance:sixteen ohms@1 KHz can experience more elements, more Frequency response range:15 Hz-20 KHz smooth and smooth, It can bring you an elegant and lazy listening experience without losing the sense of rhythm. The high-frequency performance is very infectious, the music expression is emotional, but also has the excellent Technical parameters:4 moving iron+2 high-frequency extensibility, and the transient response is sharp and fast. In general, it is a kind of pop rock music headset that combines hardness and softness, low frequency is calm and not strong, and full of appeal.



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