qdc : Fusion-S

qdc : Fusion-S



Qdc Fusion high-end public model mixed unit headset

Fusion is the first product of the qdc next-generation
hybrid unit headset, a four-iron design inspired by Jazz
fusion. The patented acoustic architecture ensures a
customizable sound consistency of the moving coil.
Comfortable and resistant to the sound, adapt to the
popular and jazz tuning concept. Booked before June 10,
the gift of 480 GE4C-S 4.4 upgrade line. Note: The
standard version only has the right picture style, you can
not customize the pattern, color, etc.


Input sensitivity: 116dB SPL/mW

Frequency response range: 10 Hz – 20000 Hz

DCR: 12 ohms

Impedance: 18 ohms

Drive unit: 1 moving coil + 4 moving iron units

Noise reduction: 26dB

Headphone plug: 3.5 mm (1/8 inch) plug

Headphone cable: not optional

Shell color: not optional

Technical features: three-way, three-hole, natural restoration, excellent sound quality

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