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“In December 2022, we presented the world with Project RAVEN at the prestigious Portable Audio Festival in Tokyo, Japan—a landmark moment in our journey of innovation. Following its grand debut, the RAVEN embarked on a global tour from the bustling metropolis of New York to the vibrant city-state of Singapore, making illustrious appearances at major trade shows such as CanJam and AXPONA. Each stop on this journey was not just a showcase, but an opportunity to shape the RAVEN into an unparalleled IEM, driven by an invaluable variablecustomer feedback.

The advanced design of the RAVEN isn’t just a testament to our technological prowess, but an affirmation of our commitment to creating products that are truly customer-centric. It encapsulates the ethos of Empire, marking our relentless pursuit of the extraordinary, a journey powered by our core competencies, and shaped by the voices of our esteemed customers.

As we raise a toast, it’s to your unwavering support and insightful feedback that we express our gratitude, both of which have been instrumental in crafting the RAVEN into the epitome of exceptional audio experience it is today.”

12 Driver Quadbrid, Dual Conduction Flagship
Dual W9+ Subwoofers
Quad Electrostatic Tweeters
W10 Bone Conduction Ultra Driver Proprietary Multi-Point synX Crossover Network
DCA – Dual Conduction Architecture
EIVEC MKII – Empire Intelligent Variable Electrostatic Control Technology
HRC – Harmonic Resonance Core
ARC – Resonance Mitigation Technology
Impedance: 2 ohms @1kHz
Frequency Response: 5 Hz – 100kHz
Sensitivity: 108.1dB @ 1kHz, 1mW
Premium Empire X PWaudio R7 OCC Dual Gauge Cable X 4.4 Rhodium Termination


Our gaze is firmly fixed on the horizon as we navigate the realm of audio technology with a visionary spirit, pushing the boundaries of the extraordinary. Our strength lies in our audacity to innovate, to tread paths less travelled. Our relentless endeavor to revolutionize has led to numerous pioneering technologies that have forever altered the landscape of the IEM industry, and RAVEN stands as the latest testament to our creative prowess. V2.1


Our dedication to superiority guides us to develop and build several of our proprietary drivers, even in lower volumes, rather than sourcing them from other manufacturers. This autonomy allows us to break new ground in technology, unencumbered by industry constraints or compromises. The RAVEN serveservess as a testament to the extraordinary engineering at Empire Ears.

W10 – At the forefront of innovation is our W10 Bone Conductor. Thishis groundbreaking driver delivers unparalleled imaging, intricate nuance retrieval, and rich timbre by transmitting sound through bone conduction. The result is an immersive sonic experience that engages the listener on a truly profound level. V2.1

Dual W9+ – The heart of the RAVEN’s seismic bass response is our customcustomdesigned 9mm W9+ subwoofers. These dedicated lowlow-frequency drivers deliver thunderous power and unmatched control, laying the foundation for a legendary bass experience.

Five Balanced Armature Drivers – Tasked with reproducing the critical midmid-range frequencies are our bespoke balanced armature drivers, engineered in collaboration with industry leaders Knowleswles and Sonion. Their unique design and singular focus render a captivating and pure mid-rangerange that truly brings music to life.

Quad Electrostatic Tweeters – Ensconced within RAVEN are Sonion electrostatic tweeters, each featuring an ultraultra-light movingving membrane. These precision instruments offer an extraordinarily accurate transient response, allowing for unrivaled clarity, pristine separation, and breathtaking detail. V2.1


RAVEN, Empire Ears’ first venture into metallurgy, marks a pivotal point in the quest for sonic excellence. Far from being a mere aesthetic choice, the incorporation of metallurgy, specifically with the 316L stainless steel plate in the RAVEN’s faceplate design, demonstrates our profound commitment to elevating the performance of the W10 bone conductor. This steel plate does more than please the eye; it aids in the resonance, amplification, and dispersion of sound waves, synergizing with other elements to achieve a distinctive sound signature and optimize RAVEN’s acoustic performance. V2.1

Our meticulous engineering led to the creation of a purpose-built polymer acoustic stage known as the Harmonic Resonance Core (HRC), situated strategically between the shell and the plate. Vibrations reverberate through these structures, culminating within an internal polymer basin that holds the plate. This arrangement, boosted by the metal plate, elevates the vibration effect, resulting in an unmatched enhancement in acoustic reproduction. The vibrations manifest tangibly, enriching the bass and treble with unprecedented depth, extension, and clarity, and thereby redefining the summit-fi segment.

RAVEN represents more than an advancement in traditional IEM technology; it’s a daring step towards reshaping the future of in-ear monitor excellence. While the metal plate and clever design interplay are key to this remarkable sound experience, the underlying principle of dual conduction remains central to delivering an unparalleled listening experience. V2.1

The Eye of Odin

With a nod to the mythical EYE of ODIN and the iconic Empire Ears wingspan, RAVEN’s industrial 316L stainless steel faceplates becomes a mesmerizing canvas, skillfully crafted through precision CNC techniques. The meticulous process continues with handpolishing and perfecting every detail, culminating in a lavish physical vapor deposition coating that exudes opulence.

In a limited run of just 400 units, the exclusive launch edition will showcase resplendent gold plating, while the standard edition boasts a sleek and alluring gloss black finish. V2.1



At the heart of the RAVEN’s custom-designed R7 cable, crafted in collaboration with PWAudio, is the Limerence 60’s proprietary OCC structure copper conductor. This masterful combination delivers unparalleled purity of signal, enriching every auditory nuance. Thoughtfully designed, the conductor gauge melds a 26 AWG core with a 25 AWG 2nd layer, harmonizing together in a symphony that unlocks the full potential of RAVEN. Boasting 4 core conductors integrated seamlessly with 4 additional 2nd layer conductors, the R7 elevates the audio journey, orchestrating a sound experience that must be heard to be believed.

Adorned with a premium 4.4 rhodium connector and Satin Black finish, the R7 cable’s elegance transcends mere function, offering a touch of refined aesthetic to the listening experience. The “7” in its name signifies the meticulous journey of creation, marking the seventh iteration of versions and tuning, a testament to the rigorous development process that went into crafting a cable worthy of the Raven.

synX (Crossover Network)

Genetically dissimilar from the rest of the IEM world, our synX crossover network truly stands out with countless bespoke methods and technologies protecting it as a unique masterpiece. A marriage of 4 distinct driver technologies is symphonized via a proprietary multi-point synX crossover network, ensuring maximum performance from all 12 drivers. V2.1


The EIVEC MKII engine was developed to ensure optimal timing, phasing and control between the electrostatic and bone conductor a monumental achievement.

Empire Intelligent Variable Electrostatic Control – EIVEC – is Empire’s approach to incorporating electrostatic EST drivers into IEMs. For all the incredible range and resolution, electrostatic drivers are notoriously hard to control, often overpowering other drivers. EIVEC is our solution to that, and the degree of control provided by EIVEC is so precise that the electrostatics can operate independently, performing disparate tasks within the sound stage to deliver layer upon layer of detail and texture for unparalleled performance.


In our pursuit of perfection with RAVEN, we’ve elegantly reimagined the application of our renowned ARC (Anti-Resonance Control) technology. No longer confined to the chassis, ARC now targets other key elements such as specific internal components, aligning flawlessly with the Harmonic Resonance Core (HRC). This adaptation eliminates unwanted vibrations and flex, refining and enhancing the sound in a way that feels both revolutionary and inherently Empire. The synergy between ARC and HRC is a testament to our relentless innovation, a sublime interplay that delivers an audio experience unparalleled in purity and depth.

ARC (Anti-Resonance Control) is a proprietary conformal coating that virtually eliminates unwanted vibrations and resonance.

Dual Tri-Port Exhausts

Due to the nature of the W10’s extreme output the enclosure’s air volume and vent design were especially crucial for proper tuning. Even the slightest change in diameter and positioning had a dramatic effect on sound quality and performance. By mastering the W10’s volume requirements we’re able to harness its optimal output, capabilities and potential. V2.1

Designed, Engineered & Proudly Handcrafted in the USA

A select group of Empire’s visionary artisans undertakes the prestigious task of handcrafting the illustrious Raven at our state-of-theart facility in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Every stage of Raven’s meticulous production is an artisanal masterpiece, painstakingly crafted by one master technician and engineer. Each pair embarks on an enchanting journey through ten intricate stations, guided by the hands of these skilled artisans, devoting a remarkable 9 hours of meticulous attention to detail per set.

Raven stands as the pinnacle of Empire’s technological prowess, a testament to our ceaseless pursuit of the extraordinary. Beyond its unrivaled technical capabilities, Raven exudes an aura of exclusivity, making it a rare gem cherished by discerning professionals and audio enthusiasts alike.



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