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With breathtaking dynamics and a remarkable 2.5W power output, Mjölnir delivers a poised and confident sonic performance.

Mjölnir boasts a fully separated multi-lay- er PCB circuit design, multi-processor architecture, independent power supply, and an independent 3mm thick locked-in shield, fully unleashing the ultimate performance of the AK4499EQ.

Mjölnir incorporates a meticulously crafted design to accommodate its voracious power demand. The 97Wh derived from six “21700” cells ensures a consistent and abundant power supply of 20V 3A internally.

Mjölnir is designed to be compatible with 99.99% of the headphones on the market. Its maximum power output of 2.5W+2.5W is considered sufficient to drive most head- phones.


Experience the smooth, precise tactile feel of our three-axis toggle switch. The positioning knob ensures clear selection of output channels with distinct feedback. The volume control knob offers effortless operation and improved controllability.


Crafted with premium materials and meticulous attention to detail, Mjölnir sets a new standard of audio excellence.


Our pursuit transcends mere audio device craftsmanship; it embodies a relentless quest for perfection, striving to deliver faithful reproduction of sound without adding any distortion or coloration in every music and recording playback.


We are thrilled to announce the much-awaited launch of Mjölnir, a groundbreaking all-in-one desktop audio system that combines Hi-Fi audio prowess with unmatched versatility. Inspired by the legendary hammer of Thor from Norse mythology, Mjölnir embodies a compact yet powerful audio solution, delivering exceptional performance and elevating the audio experience to new heights.

As an exciting leap from our hand-held DAPS, Lotoo ventures into the realm of desktop audio with Mjölnir. This cutting-edge hybrid device elegantly combines sophistication and portability in a sleek, all-metal design, offering audiophiles a unique and exceptional audio experience.

Mjölnir represents the culmination of Lotoo’s two decades of dedicated audio research and development. Crafted by a team of passionate experts, this all-in-one audio system sets a new standard in audio excellence, ensuring uncompromising sound quality without sacrificing portability.

With Mjölnir, audio enthusiasts can enjoy a remarkable listening experience that defies conventions. Whether at home or on the go, Mjölnir is ready to deliver unparalleled sound, making it the ulåmate choice for discerning music lovers seeking a high-performance audio companion.

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Within its compact design, Mjölnir achieves a 132dB signal-to-noise ratio, noise level below 0.8gV rms, and 134dB dynamic range on the foundation of 2.5W output power (per channel). Mjölnir features a fully separated multi-layer PCB circuit design, a multi-processor architecture, independent power supply, and an independent 3mm thick locked-in shield. It fully unleashes the AK4499EQ’s ultimate performance.

The 97Wh energy from six “21700” cells provides a continuous and stable abundant power supply of 20V 3A internally. Playback time ranges from 8 to 15 hours (depending on gain, screen operation, headphone impedance, and other specific conditions).

It exhibits effortless control for high-sensitivity earphones and high-impedance headphones. It offers 3.5mm unbalanced, 4.4mm balanced, 6.35mm unbalanced, and 4-pin XLR balanced ports to cater to a wide range of audio devices and ensure compatibility with various headphone options.

To accommodate various user scenarios, Mjölnir is accompanied by a tailor-made genuine leather carrying bag, providing convenience for transportation and protection during storage.

It also supports Wi-Fi streaming for Roon (currently undergoing certification), bidirectional Bluetooth connection, digital input for desktop devices, USB connection for computers and phones, digital output for AV amplifiers, digital output to DACs, balanced/unbalanced analogue output for active speakers, and output to amplifiers.

The three-axis toggle switch provides a better tactile feel and user experience, reducing errors in blind operation. The precise positioning knob ensures clear selection of output channels with distinct feedback. The volume control knob offers effortless operation and improved control Capability.

Each screw in Mjölnir is individually processed and customised with 304 and 316 stainless steel to ensure better strength, reliability, and consistency. The high-quality CNC-machined all-metal loadbearing body structure cleverly combines multiple components and incorporates a reliable, fully enclosed interlocking design, ensuring vibration damping support for the circuit system, as well as perfect heat dissipation on both sides. Mjölnir embodies Lotoo’s highest manufacturing quality standards.



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