IEM Dryer Ultra

IEM Dryer Ultra


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IEM Dryer Ultra

The IEM Dryer ULTRA is the ultimate tool for the touring monitor engineer. Most performers are active on stage and this results in moisture getting into the sound bores and inside the IEMs. If you don’t dry the in-ears, the moisture inside will cause corrosive damage to the drivers (miniature speakers) and cause down time.

The IEM Dryer ULTRA is perfect for drying your whole band’s IEMs (9-12 sets with cables) all at once. It features a USB-C power port and comes with a battery power bank and lasts 4 hours of drying time. Charge the Power bank battery and use at the same time with both USB-C ports plugged in.

The IEM Dryer ULTRA features a durable protective case that can fit 12 IEMs with the square insert. The round insert allows you to keep 9 IEM’s in their Aluminum cases with the lid at the bottom under the case for easy in and out of the dryer storage.

Enjoy ultimate convenience: to be able to dry your IEMs without having to worry leaving it plugged in. Pack up quickly after a show and be ready for the next show. Keeping IEMs moisture free is the best thing you can do for the longevity of In Ear Monitors.


Dryer Power Adapter

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