Brand Introduction High-end Headphones Brand From China – BGVP

BGVP – A pro headset brand founded in 2015 ,is the subordinate brand of Dongguan Nengjiang technology limited company, the company is located in Dalang Town, Dongguan City. BGVP mainly produces and customizes various high-end HIFI earbuds, earphones and other electronic products. In the process of development, BGVP has never forgotten to master the core technology capabilities, independent research, development and sales. BGVP is committed to providing high-quality HIFI headsets for consumers around the world.

Music is the monologue of the soul. BGVP is committed to presenting you with higher quality, purer and more infectious sounds using advanced and professional acoustic technology. We hope that when you wear headphones made by BGVP, you can experience the joy of integrating music. BGVP is committed to creating outstanding and extremely versatile product dialogue users with exquisite engineering and rigorous testing systems. With the ingenuity of the company, the company insists to the ultimate in cost-effectiveness, and adheres to the principle of putting customers in the first place, and has the most cost-effective model at all prices.

BGVP is more focused on earbuds and flat heads. After years of research and development, BGVP insists on exploring the future and continues to introduce new TWS and electrostatic earbuds this year. We believe that sky is the only limit of us. BGVP is here to satisfy your critical auditory nerve.

Brand positioning: light fashion HIFI custom headphones pioneer, simple and stylish design, changing simple into the ultimate, but yet there is incomparable high-end fine tuning.
Target users:Young generation and customers who pursue high-quality pro HIFI headphones.
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