Unique Melody Mentor V3

Unique Melody Mentor V3



Unique Melody – Mentor V3

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The Mentor V3 is a 12 driver, 4-way, 5-bore design with 4 sound tubes and 1 bore designated for our tuning module. The module provides acoustic dampening, pressure attenuation,and real-time low frequency adjustment. Each bore is reinforced with a rigid metal tube to ensure structural stability and faithful sound reproduction. With a newly designed acrylic shell, the shell is not only sturdier and more comfortable than ever, but also features our beautiful, handcrafted “Dreamweaver” fiber design. Our brand new and unique “Dual-Tone” cable design also allows you to achieve two distinct sound signatures 




Frequency Response Range : 20-30KHZ
Sensitivity : 108dB
Impedance : 22ohms
Driver Count : 12 Balanced Armature
Crossover : 4-way Passive
Driver Configuration : 4 low+2 lower mid+2 upper mid+4 high


Separate 8-Core Single-Crystal Copper and Silver “Dual-Tone” Cable
Titanium Matte or Gloss Storage Case
Warranty Card
Comply Eartips : S/M/L
Silicone Eartips : S/M/L/XL
Magnetic Earphone Clip (MEC)
Cleaning Kit




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