The Final Sonorous X (Closed Back Dynamic Headphones)

With the very best material and playback devices, the final Sonorous X is the state-of-the-art. This will become even more apparent as DAPs, headamps, and software/sources increase in definition and decrease in artifacts in the future. 


“Their ultra-beauty led some to believe they were BEATS competitors.  Others heard excellent performance, occasionally outstanding performance!!”

final Sonorous X Closed Back Headphones

With a large 3D metal chamber, their unique BAM technology, extremely special titanium voice coil, and more ingenious craftsmanship than I have seen, the X rivals the renowned NAGRA Professional Analog Tape Decks for fit and finish. The Sonorous X does Warp 10 performance if the sources are up to the challenge!

Keep in mind we are dealing with space-age technology and a 105dB efficient/16 ohm headphone that plumbs the lowest lows to the highest highs with intense, mellifluous definition, and a neutrality with bullet timbres which are for the extreme musical connoisseur.


The Sonorous X is beautiful because it is exquisitely designed and requires special elegant 3D printed metals. BEATS sound like cotton in your ears compared to the X. No open design can better the X, not even electrostatics

Other less expensive Sonorous models may be more accepted and be close enough to the Sonorous X’s overall performance to satisfy the marketplace.

All I can say is that the glimpse the final Sonorous X closed-back headphones give of musical perfection is real and thrilling if that kind of audiophile thrill ride is your thing. It sure is mine! Positively recommended !!!!



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