Chord Hugo TT DAC headphone amp

Chord Hugo TT DAC headphone amp



Chord – Hugo TT DAC/headphone amp

With the new Hugo TT (Table Top) we’ve built on the extraordinary success of our genre-defining Hugo DAC/headphone amplifier. The new larger desktop-orientated device offers greater connectivity including a USB-B input, XLR outputs, two quarter inch headphone outputs, plus improved performance and features.

Compared to the more mobile Hugo, the Hugo TT gains a new larger chassis, remote control, an alphanumeric LED display with input/sample rate data, and improved sonic performance thanks to supercapacitors.

Advanced sample rate capability

The Hugo TT is ready to take advantage of today’s advanced studio-master-quality (DXD) music files allowing music lovers to experience music in true high definition, along with the best possible reproduction of CD-quality music. Hugo TT supports up to 32-bit/384kHz audio via coax and USB, and 24-bit/192kHz over optical, plus DSD64 on all inputs and DSD128 via coax or USB (all via DoP).

In a key upgrade over the original Hugo, the Hugo TT benefits from a high-quality asynchronous B-type USB connection for both the SD and HD USB input. With two further digital inputs: a (new) BNC coaxial and optical (TOSLink), any connected component with a digital output can benefit from the Hugo TT’s advanced sound quality.


To fully integrate with today’s digitally stored media, the new Hugo TT also has A2DP Bluetooth capability and uses a custom-made module with the aptX codec to feed a digital signal directly into the DAC circuitry, so even without cables, music can still be enjoyed.

Spartan 6 FPGA

The Hugo TT retains the same high-performance Spartan 6 FPGA that enabled Hugo to redefine the DAC genre in 2014. It has the same specification and measured performance as its mobile sibling, a device that “broke all records” for dynamic range in leading UK hi-fi magazine, Hi-Fi World, in the summer of 2014.


Being a home-orientated device, the Hugo TT has been designed to run continuously from the supplied charger, however Chord’s engineers have also improved the battery and added Supercap energy storage, a technology seen in F1 where supercacitors back-up the cars batteries by sharing the load and charge demands, thereby protecting them. They serve a similar purpose in the Hugo TT, extending the battery life as well as improving dynamics and demanding transients in recorded music.

Hugo TT key features

– Remote control allowing input (source) selection and volume control
– Alphanumeric LED display to show settings
– Double the battery capacity of Hugo
– 10,000,000uF (microfarads) of supercapacitor energy storage
– Fully balanced outputs using XLR connectors
– Single-ended RCA outputs
– BNC coaxial digital input
– Optical TOSLink input
– Full-sized B-type USB inputs for both SD USB and HD USB feeds
– Full galvanic isolation on the HD USB input right up to 384kHz
– Improved analogue stage output current for low distortion into low impedance loads
– 2x Quarter-inch jack headphone outputs
– 1x 3.5mm jack headphone output


– Advanced digital volume control
– Crossfeed filter network
– Battery-powered for power supply isolation
– Input selection identification and remote volume up or down indication is via alphanumeric display and colour-changing LED display
– 26K tap-length filter
– THD: 140dB
– Headphone output: 110dB SPL into a 300ohm headphone load


– 1x Optical TOSLink 24-bit/192KHz-capable
– 1x BNC coaxial input 32-bit/384kHz -capable
– 1x HD/SD USB B-type input up to 32-bit/384kHz


– 1×3.5mm headphone jack
– 2×6.35mm (1/4-inch) headphone jack
– 1x (pair) stereo RCA phono output
– Fully balanced via XLR connectors


– 235mm x 45mm x 225mm (WxDx H)

– Weight 3Kg



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